In the business world, information is power. It can be manipulated and distorted and result in misrepresentation, fraud and other serious threats to an organization’s activities or survival. This can be caused by current and former employees, competitors, business allies, vendors, licensees or customers.
Corporate Risk Solutions Canada, a division of Whitehall Bureau of Canada, offers investigative and intelligence expertise that can assist in exposing threatening or illegal activity, whether or not it has already occurred - information that can be vital to the success of any business. Corporate Risk works as part of your team in helping you develop sound business principles, minimizing financial losses, increasing profits, preserving proprietary data, corporate reputation and when necessary, collecting evidence in preparation for litigation.
With a reputation built on quality, integrity and trust, we have helped clients plan for the future while protecting their assets of today. Our professionals do more than offer information; they provide analysis and recommended actions that are tailored to a specific organization that can impact business strategy and its execution. Corporate Risk’s multidisciplinary team is comprised of investigative specialists from a wide range of backgrounds, including technology and consulting professionals.

What appears to be a simple bookkeeping oversight, an information technology glitch, a disappointing sales report or an especially eager potential business partner, may actually be an indicator of illegal or fraudulent activity. Regardless of the issue, or whether it has occurred or is merely suspected, our investigators work closely and confidentially with management and legal counsel to conduct objective, third-party investigations without disrupting the organization’s operations.
Corporate Risk Solutions provides expedient assessments of an issue and comprehensive recommendations on how to proceed. If immediate action is necessary, we will work as part of the team to devise and implement a plan and assist in presenting a case to corporate management or external regulatory authorities, or, when necessary, aid in litigation. We can also develop a proposed long-term plan to protect your business and employees.
We are dedicated to serving all sizes of businesses throughout the world, including Fortune 500 companies.
Corporate Risk knows that a key to stronger relationships is our unwavering belief in our sense of purpose – to safeguard your assets.