"Safeguarding your assets - Confidently."
Intellectual Property is at the core of modern business, whether it’s technology, entertainment, brand names, research or strategic plans. In today’s increasingly complex, technology-based world economy, failure to be proactive and develop a wide-ranging strategy to protect Intellectual Property can have severe consequences.
Your brand, product and reputation are important to us. Counterfeit and pirated products are being produced, sold and shipped through nearly every country costing the global economy more than $650 billion and millions of jobs.
Our focus is to protect your good name and product by investigating IP theft and piracy that ultimately create loss of revenue, competitive advantage and market share, not to mention costly litigation that potentially can destroy your company.
Corporate Risk’s experience and success in Canada, the United States and Latin America range from apparel to pharmaceutical products. Our clients have relied on our thorough reporting which has been used to make decisions with confidence.

Our investigators take a proactive approach by assisting our clients in some of the following:

  • Trademark and Copyright Infringement
  • Misrepresentation
  • Counterfeiting and Piracy
  • Gray Market Threats and Activity
  • Anton Piller Orders
  • Extensive Research

Our Intellectual Property protection services can include:

  • Security assessments and matrix
  • Valuation
  • Employee integrity reviews
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Licensee due diligence and compliance audits
  • Market surveillance and enforcement
  • Economic damage assessments
  • Litigation support
In addition to the above, we have been asked to conduct extensive research to include the financial and corporate background on the alleged perpetrators – manufacturers, vendors, distributors and even competitors – as well as worldwide research of the proposed trademark itself.
Our team of investigators is actively involved with industry associations, both for the continuous learning and upgrading opportunities, as well as being able to search out and work with experts in their chosen field that can be called upon for assistance and guidance in some complex matters.