"Safeguarding your assets - Confidently."
Corporate Risk Solutions helps clients regain control of their physical or intellectual property or corporate reputation. Whether the matter is money laundering, embezzlement, hidden assets, trade secrets, due diligence, ID Theft, hostile takeovers or hostile acts, our services enable the rebuilding of internal controls and operations.
The clients who seek our services are professionals like you - CEO’s, Presidents, Controllers, Human Resources Professionals, Occupation Health and Safety, and those entrusted to process claims and safeguard the corporation’s assets.
We also recognize that there is more to being successful than the investigation itself. Our reports are concise, factual and professionally prepared and have become a cornerstone of our success.

Key areas of corporate solutions include:

  • Surveillance

    Surveillance on employees who have been involved in suspicious work-related claims is completed by our professional and diverse team of investigators using state of the art equipment. Surveillance is usually initiated upon receiving a tip of alternate employment or when other red flags are presented.

    Surveillance is also considered for internal and external thefts, or where property is suspected of being targeted.  Studies have shown that nearly 50 percent of businesses shrinkage is due to internal theft.

    Other common reasons to use surveillance is geared to competitive intelligence, counter-surveillance and executive protection.

    Our company provides:

    Professional Case Management
    Pre-surveillance Searches to Maximize Success
    Field Investigation Time
    Professional and Comprehensive Reports
    128 bit Encryption secure access to all cases via FileLynx
    Tailored reporting, including paperless, downloads or paper

  • Investigation Beyond the Lens™ Mentality

    Though many corporations look to us for their initial surveillance needs, we know that a successful investigation includes the knowledge and ability to think beyond the camera lens.

    Our staff is well trained in keeping focused on the client’s objective and realizes there are many avenues beyond surveillance to secure the truth. Some of these services include the following:
    • Social Media Investigations
    • Neighborhood Canvasses
    • Employment interviews with supervisors, colleagues, and Human Resources personnel
    • Claimant interviews
    • Extensive databases searches
    • Locate Investigations  

Due Diligence - Business to Business Reporting

The risks inherent in today’s business transactions are greater than ever before. Business agreements may be influenced on expectations and anticipation rather than verified business relationships or financial data. Corporate Risk’s due diligence services help financial institutions, corporations, partnerships and individuals minimize risk in their transactions and undertakings.

Our worldwide investigative resources are utilized to uncover and analyze information, whether an organization is involved in a merger and acquisition, joint venture, distribution arrangement or similar business alliance. Corporate Risk will ensure that a client possesses critical, business-related background information and operational knowledge. In addition, clients receive recommendations to help them better manage identified risks after an agreement is reached.


Our team can review incorporation documents and other public records, minutes, and statutory filings; annual financial statements and tax returns; major contracts; and financial performance projections in an effort to identify:

  • financial and operating history
  • litigation involving the company
  • unrealistic projections
  • overstated assets and revenues
  • unrecorded and understated expenses, liabilities, liens or judgments
  • environmental liabilities
  • unjustified personal and business reputation
  • hidden ownership interests
  • misrepresentations and non-disclosure of material facts
  • management issues

Corporate Risk’s expanded due diligence services delve further into a transaction to uncover additional information, including:

  • management styles and ethics of key executives
  • corporate culture within potential alliance partners
  • undisclosed business relationships having a bearing on the potential alliance
  • undisclosed real or potential liabilities
  • other risks related to the potential alliance
  • professional misconduct

Competitive Intelligence

Globalization, privatization, deregulation – these are the buzzwords of the new global economy. As battles for market share intensify, Corporate Risk can provide the kind of critical intelligence that enables companies to develop strategies to identify and leverage competitive advantages.

We arm our clients with intelligence about the marketplace and the strengths and weaknesses of competitors. With that information, a company can make more informed decisions about its future endeavors. Corporate Risk Solutions can advise a client how to use intelligence as a strategic tool to:

  • identify market threats and areas of business risk
  • anticipate competitor initiatives and proactively respond to them
  • understand vulnerabilities and maximize advantages

Our reports utilize our Business to Business reporting format and are comprehensive and easy to read.

Vendor Audits

Studies have shown that vendor fraud is “one of the easiest ways someone can steal from your business without being detected” and accounts for five percent of business shrinkage. Studies in Canada have estimated that Canadian businesses lose 4.3 billion dollars annually to theft and fraud.

In today’s fast paced business environment, more companies today realize that steps must be taken to protect themselves by ensuring that their vendors are trustworthy and accountable.

With the vendor’s authorization and vendor screening fee, a complete report is provided to address the vendor’s integrity and business practices primarily through the following searches;

  • Criminal Records
  • Media Coverage
  • Bankruptcy and Financial Performance
  • Illegal Activity Allegations
  • Competitor Interviews
  • Civil cases
  • Validation of Insurance and Losses
  • Liens
  • Business Neighbours and Landlords

Our searches are then mirrored with the principals of the company within our Business to Business format.

Corporate Risk has been asked to monitor vendors through surveillance as well as audit receipts and invoices for work completed.


Many clients initially approach Corporate Risk because they want someone to hear their problem.  Our consultants and specialists take pride in listening.  They can then provide a host of solutions and potential outcomes; even if this means that the investigation is not assigned or needed.

A cost analysis is also conducted to ensure that objectives can be met within the financial framework agreed upon.

Companies wish to deal with firms they can trust and we have earned the privilege to be selected as the investigative vendor of choice for many corporations and highly regarded law firms.

Other Corporate Solutions

  • Extensive database searches
  • Employee or claimant interviews
  • Asset investigations/subrogation
  • Employee integrity and security breach
  • High Risk Terminations Surveillance
  • Risk analysis
  • Wrongful dismissal claims

We also specialize in these overlapping services:

  • civil and criminal fraud
  • asset searches for governments, corporations and individuals
  • management/employee fraud and theft
  • identification of secret commissions and kickbacks
  • training on fraud awareness, prevention and related topics