"Safeguarding your assets - Confidently."
Metal theft, such as copper, aluminum, brass, and even platinum, is seeing a dramatic increase as the improving economic climate in countries such as China and India are driving the demand for these products.   Criminals have noticed the increased value of these items which are suffering from reduced base metal inventories.  This is a crime that attracts both the street level thief and organized crime.
Corporate Risk Solutions Canada can be part of your solution to this crime, which in some areas is second only to fraud in terms of monetary loss.  We have the experience to provide surveillance of facilities, gather intelligence, and pursue the investigation to put all the pieces together in the complex puzzle of this ever-growing crime.
Similar to the many layers of participants in these crimes, there are many negative ramifications on our clients.  There are the obvious financial impact to your bottom line, both in terms of replacement value of the metal stolen and the manpower required to repair the damage and replace the product.  However, the more dangerous aspect of this crime is the impact on communities at large by the creation of an unsafe environment caused by the thefts as the most popular targets are utility companies, telecommunications providers, municipalities, and contractors.